Is It the Best Writing Service?

General Information is an Aussie writing service with a very appealing website. The company’s team has invested a lot of effort to perfect each aspect of the website, so it’s easy for the visitors to navigate through the different sections. Although the website seems perfect at first sight, a potential customer who pays attention to the content featured on the pages will reveal a serious flaw – the copy-written text doesn’t seem like it was written by a person who understands the finesses of English language.

Let’s examine all features of this company in more details.

Services offered

Australian Essays offers a variety of academic writing services covering various levels of academia, including high school, college and postgraduate levels. The services offered include essay writing services, homework help, dissertation and theses help, and coursework help.

If you are looking for a company that offers a variety of academic writing services, Australian Essays is the perfect place for you. The company also offers PowerPoint presentations, book reviews and personal statements. While a company that offers a plethora of services might appear to have a competitive edge, such companies at times end up being Jacks of all trade and masters of none.


Australian Essays has a pricing model that is based on the the type of paper to be written, the requested level of quality, the number of pages needed, and the urgency of the paper. There are two levels of quality for all papers:
Standard Quality and Premium Quality.

As an example of the pricing, here are a few prices for various papers:

  • For a simple essay paper that is 1 page long and written in the Standard Quality, the charges are $12.99 if the customer chooses the deadline of 10 days.
  • The same paper at Premium Level is charged at $14.99.
  • If the paper is urgent and needs to be delivered within 24 hours, the charges are $24.98 per page for Standard and $26.98 per page for Premium Quality.

From the above example, it is clear that Australian Essays charges a little higher for their services when compared to many other academic writing companies.

Discount and Free Features

Australian Essays offers a standard 15% discount for all first-time clients. The discount is applied via a coupon code that can be found on the site. The company does not mention any other perks, and it is safe to assume that you will be charged extra for a plagiarism report, cover page and formatting of your essays.

Customer Service and Support

Australian Essays has an effective customer service department that can be reached via Live Chat, phone or email. Some of the issues you can raise with the customer service department include delayed papers and pricing enquiries. You can also use the form on the Contacts page to raise your issues with customer support.